Once Bastet is returned you notice that she was covering a battle enhancer, an X Attack, to be exact. Not to be shown up by the KO'd cat, Rhea hands you a strange disc like object. Checking it out closer you realize it's a flashlight cover and when placed over the end of flashlight it makes a colored image. Utterly useless except to please children, but there you go. Once everyone's packed away, and all your "loot" collected, you make your way back tot he Arena and find Blake and Dave sitting on the steps, chatting.

All Three:
You enter the darkened entrance of the Arena, purposefully left dark so as not to attract attention and are greeted by a guard. "Hey guys, it's Ben here. Joan said to meet her in the box seats. Take a left and go up the stairs. Follow the signs, you can't miss it." The mental directions are accompanied with a quick run through of the route and you find yourselves having no trouble finding your leader.

Once inside, she says, "Well, we have power now. And not just Electricity, either. These people look up to us. They rely on us." She takes a deep breath and seems to consider her next words carefully. "Which is why I'm pissed off. There's not enough food to go around. Not for longer than a week. It's only day two right now and we've still got all the major categories covered, but soon stuff will start going bad. And then things will start going wrong."

She opens the blinds on a window and all three of you get a good look at the Arena below. Refugees are packed into the stands, each family taking up a small area and collectively setting up walls of fabric. The makeshift Kitchen has been moved and you can see lines leading into some meeting room and people leaving with cups of stew and bread rolls. There seems to be running water and the lines to the bathrooms are policed by one of the gym trainers whose name you don't know. The actual arena area, where Joan faced defeat just 24 hours ago, is covered in dirt. All the rocks seem to have ben moved to one end and the dirt seems well furrowed.

"We have set up an area for farming. Or at least growing plants. The children have banded together and promised to tend the gardens. We've even got a volunteer to offer her services to help the plants grow quicker and larger, once we get the plants. That's where you three come in. This city relied heavily on greenhouses long before the blast and there was a reason for that. They work. I need you three to go and collect seeds of varying kinds from some greenhouse or another. And if you can, a heat lamp would be great. Any questions?"

The Greenhouse Effect:
Collect 5 different seeds or Berries.
Collect an undamaged Heat lamp.
Time: The sooner the better.