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What was that like? What did you run?
I didn't feel like being an apostate detracted from the game any. None of the three of us were inherently on anyone's nerves by virtue of Order politics (like how our Arrows and Guardians tolerated each other, at best), but it didn't give us any sort of leg up in social interactions either. We also needed driving personal motivations to go on adventures, since there weren't any higher-ups telling us what to do or organizational goals to take advantage of.

I had a Mind-focused Mastigos / Bearer of the Eternal Voice, an ex-soldier having a crisis of faith while trying to escape his past yada yada. He was there at personal request of the cabal's patron, but ended up sticking around because of a burgeoning relationship with the party Time mage. There was a Fate-focused Acanthus, a Texan gambler who was loudly opinionated (to the point of party conflict), but probably one of the more compassionate mages we had. I felt like she was driven mostly by care for the cabal. The last was a Spirit-focused Thyrsus who actually acted something like a Guardian, but was mostly an uncomfortable stereotype, so I don't think I can really go into him.