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    Default Re: [FwM] Bridle Shores 90210-Mlp without the Kiddy Thread XIII

    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post
    Briefing Room

    Taylor would find himself in that room, now inhabited by an unconscious ninja, a partially-to mostly burnt awake vampire with some serious sand based restraints uselessly trying to struggle against them, and an awakened grubbs. He glanced at Taylor. "You do this?"
    "No. Really, if I had my way, we'd all be having tea and discussing the weather. Unfortunately, I don't think we all trust eachother enough for that to be an option." He walks up to the vampire, dimming the lights on his sun aura until he's not glowing anymore, and taps her lightly. Some of his magic jumps through like a circuit, putting some anesthetic into her wounds to make her at the least a little more comfortable. It isn't holy, either, so she shouldn't burn. Hopefully.

    "Advantages to this situation include not having my throat ripped out for helping, being able to question certain things, and being able to get away with a fake psych degree."

    Meanwhile, in the main room, out of nowhere a really sappy love-song tune starts playing. Daniel's got his hooves moving across the lute and is trying (and failing) to look innocent.
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