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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmishPirate View Post
    She'd feel the engineer's hoof tremble; was it from his racing heart, or holding in his desire? "Well, they don't survive heart-shots, an' then they all but melt away. Heh, at least y'won't have t'smell 'em when they go down." He smiled at her; she really did look adorable like that. With her eyes all closed, her head resting on his hoof, those delightful little curls swirling down from her head, the alcohol-sweetened taste of her lips...


    Sandy's eyes went wide as he found himself sneaking a kiss from her. Perhaps that assassin had gotten him a little worked up, more than he'd realized. And she looked just like Rainbow too, and oh goodness she was delicious...suddenly, his mind froze up. This wasn't in the plan, he wasn't supposed to be doing this, now what? Should he break it off? Should he slide her away from the others and just let it ride? Gripped in indecision, he simply kept up the Mild Pony Kisses until his brain could catch up.
    Rainbow is shocked by the kiss but she doesn't break it off. She wants to be kissed. She needs it right now.

    A hoof went into Sandy's mane. It was her favorite part of him. The specks of sand in that hair of his were picked out as the kiss was mild enough to focus.

    But something was off. Sandy's lips tasted different. It opened her eyes and caused her to moans inquisitively. "Hmm? You seem off. Like you taste weird. Like... bad weird."
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