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Rainbow is shocked by the kiss but she doesn't break it off. She wants to be kissed. She needs it right now.

A hoof went into Sandy's mane. It was her favorite part of him. The specks of sand in that hair of his were picked out as the kiss was mild enough to focus.

But something was off. Sandy's lips tasted different. It opened her eyes and caused her to moans inquisitively. "Hmm? You seem off. Like you taste weird. Like... bad weird."
Sandy took that as a sign and (reluctantly) broke off the kiss. "Huh? Some sorta bad taste? I don't know..." His eyes widened as he suddenly remembered what he might've drank that night to give his mouth a peculiar taste. He pulled away as much as he could, which wasn't much given how entangled they were, and looked away in embarrassment. "Oh, ponyfeathers, I'm sorry. I should've known...*sigh* It's how we caught that vampony. We set a trap for her by," Well, he really wasn't expecting to get away with not telling her for very long anyhow. Figured his luck would ruin it sooner rather than later. "By havin' me drink some of Miss M's blood. Made me smell like a vampony t'them, an' she tried t'recruit me. Then we jumped her, an' th' rest is history."

It only ocurred to him now that she was in prime strangling position if he said the wrong thing. The engineer gulped nervously, studying her face for a reaction. "I...I should probably go an' wash m'mouth off...now..."