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"As much as I like constant talking all the time, I must point out we're verging into semantics,"
Staccata states. "Let's get moving."

"Indeed, the enemy will not wait while talk, let us all---"

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"You... kissed.. me.. with.. VAMPONY BLOOD IN YOUR MOUTH!"

Poor Sandy. Rainbows is so angry she didn't notice how she was choking him.
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"No...no...it wasn't...urrrkk...fresh...was at...at least...ghhlllkk....hour......ago.......urkk!...." Sandy's forelegs left her shoulders and scrabbled at his throat, trying to pry her hooves from his windpipe. But the sniper's hooves were hardy beasts indeed, and he just couldn't get enough leverage. "...ugklkl....choking.........me......urrrrrk. ..." The hapless stallion's tongue lolled out as darkness started to creep in on his vision. Nearly choked out twice in one day; he wished he could say that was a new record.

"HEY! Now is not the time for that! Yes, yes he did, I hardly think he did it on purpose...and frankly, I take offense to your negativity to my blood! Anyways, save this energy for the enemy!"
Miss M appeared in a flash between the two while Zephyr kinda just fell backward on his flank.

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"No. Really, if I had my way, we'd all be having tea and discussing the weather. Unfortunately, I don't think we all trust eachother enough for that to be an option." He walks up to the vampire, dimming the lights on his sun aura until he's not glowing anymore, and taps her lightly. Some of his magic jumps through like a circuit, putting some anesthetic into her wounds to make her at the least a little more comfortable. It isn't holy, either, so she shouldn't burn. Hopefully.

"Advantages to this situation include not having my throat ripped out for helping, being able to question certain things, and being able to get away with a fake psych degree."
It doesn't hurt, anything marked 'holy' isn't going to do anything to the vampire. Except a holy stake, but simply because of the stake aspect and nothing more. Meadow said something, but it was muffled because of the sand gag, she couldn't see anything either, precautions and all due to glamouring. She simply looked miserable there, mane matted, dealing with an active deadly poison in her, just the works. Grubbs glanced her way and furrowed his dirty brows before looking at Taylor.

"Does thats doing anythin' fer itches? Mah legs where sands is at itch."

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If circumstances allowed it, he would have given a hip-hip-hooray right there and then, and damn the torpedoes. But this was neither the time nor the place to celebrate. Instead, Silverpine gave Gearstride a hug. "You have no idea how much this means to me," he whispered, feeling his eyes tearing up.

Gearstride closed her eyes and smiled, hugging him back. "...I.....you....I'm sorry I made you wait."