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    Default Re: [FwM] Bridle Shores 90210-Mlp without the Kiddy Thread XIII

    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post
    It doesn't hurt, anything marked 'holy' isn't going to do anything to the vampire. Except a holy stake, but simply because of the stake aspect and nothing more. Meadow said something, but it was muffled because of the sand gag, she couldn't see anything either, precautions and all due to glamouring. She simply looked miserable there, mane matted, dealing with an active deadly poison in her, just the works. Grubbs glanced her way and furrowed his dirty brows before looking at Taylor.

    "Does thats doing anythin' fer itches? Mah legs where sands is at itch."
    "It should, yeah. You might have rubbed some skin off, too, so I'll put some healing into it. Just hold still and think happy thoughts." He walks over to Grubbs and repeats the process, but this time aiming for soothing rather than numbing, putting in an extra healer's kick for good measure. "The 'happy thoughts' don't actually speed the process, but they're good to have."


    Quote Originally Posted by PurityIcekiller View Post
    "All right, then. Let's find a good spot." Night Jewel headed out to find the local crypt.
    To everyone's immense surprise, the guy who's thing is defending follows the defended. Go figure, right?

    "Whoa, slow down there, girl!" Blades chuckled and followed. "My, aren't ya an eager one! Say, before we get to the crevice, how much do ya think ya can carry?"

    ((This is totally not going to end in disaster. ))
    "I'm stronger than I look. Plus, some shadow telekinesis can add some extra capacity.

    ...Ever feel like you're forgetting something?"


    "So, what happ-


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