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    Quote Originally Posted by TBFProgrammer View Post
    Hand me that thread. Oh, did you hear about the zombie that got offed in the night? Yeah, he'll be back Tomorrow though. Hopefully he'll hang around for a bit next time. If he vanishes again, he'll not be so fortunate the next time he falls.


    Alright people, I wanted to gauge some stuff before doing this (thing that is at the end of this post), but since everyone seems to want to become thread zombies besides the ghosts (of which there are now 2):

    Start posting your suspicions. Anyone who does not post Today might find the revolving door between here and the afterlife to be rather sticky on the way back in. Remember, the only ones that can be counted on to vote are the newly raised, so at least one of you two needs to get out here and choose a lynch target.

    Since the undead are quite likely to have turned a resurrected person by now and I thus have a much greater chance of being killed by a misguided town power than I do of turning any undead, this your High Cleric signing off.
    Hey now. You told me to not let on I was about for at least a day.

    But anyway, I don't even know who's still alive at this point, so... Relying on my suspicions would be kind of silly.
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