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"Why bash him for a compliment? In his place I'd have forgotten, too." Oddly enough, he knows this'll just make him a target, but if it gets Sandy even a bit out of hot water, score.
Oh she gives him such a look. An evil eye of death.

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"No...no...it wasn't...urrrkk...fresh...was at...at least...ghhlllkk....hour......ago.......urkk!...." Sandy's forelegs left her shoulders and scrabbled at his throat, trying to pry her hooves from his windpipe. But the sniper's hooves were hardy beasts indeed, and he just couldn't get enough leverage. "...ugklkl....choking.........me......urrrrrk. ..." The hapless stallion's tongue lolled out as darkness started to creep in on his vision. Nearly choked out twice in one day; he wished he could say that was a new record.
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"HEY! Now is not the time for that! Yes, yes he did, I hardly think he did it on purpose...and frankly, I take offense to your negativity to my blood! Anyways, save this energy for the enemy!"
Miss M appeared in a flash between the two while Zephyr kinda just fell backward on his flank.
Rainbow fell backward with a bit of force. Her face is still red with rage. Angry looks all around.

Why would Sandy suddenly approach her for a kiss? Was it some sort of perverse vampiric thirst transferred into him? Did he hunger for her or of lust or straight hunger or something else? And why would he hide exchanging fluids with some mare? "Disgusting. Just Disgusting. Let's get this whole thing OVER WITH!!"

Rainbow yelling? A sniper with a muted voice? Oh she was pissed.