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    Quote Originally Posted by Orzel View Post
    The sniper looks away from everypony. Her teeth clench and grind in her mouth. Like coarse sandpaper rubbing together. "What are you doing now, Sandy? Trying to hypnotize me with your vampire powers for another taste? Maybe this time you can go from the neck like you wanted to then be with that one."
    "Wha...what're you-" A fit of coughing overtook the engineer as he clutched at his throat. When it had subsided, he was shaking his head at the sniper in disbelief. "M'not a vampony...an' I...I would never...urkk...do that...*cough* ever...why d'you...gkkk...think that?" His voice was hoarse, and he could hardly talk above a low whisper.

    (Rainbow can respond, but I'll be waiting for others in this scene to react before continuing)
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    We're like the weeping angels from Doctor Who, except with cuddling and friendship instead of horrible death. Don't look away.
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