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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelvin360 View Post
    "It should, yeah. You might have rubbed some skin off, too, so I'll put some healing into it. Just hold still and think happy thoughts." He walks over to Grubbs and repeats the process, but this time aiming for soothing rather than numbing, putting in an extra healer's kick for good measure. "The 'happy thoughts' don't actually speed the process, but they're good to have."
    Grubbs tongue lolled out like a content puppy. "That feel betta'....it was botherins."
    Quote Originally Posted by Orzel View Post
    Oh she gives him such a look. An evil eye of death.
    Rainbow fell backward with a bit of force. Her face is still red with rage. Angry looks all around.

    Why would Sandy suddenly approach her for a kiss? Was it some sort of perverse vampiric thirst transferred into him? Did he hunger for her or of lust or straight hunger or something else? And why would he hide exchanging fluids with some mare? "Disgusting. Just Disgusting. Let's get this whole thing OVER WITH!!"

    Rainbow yelling? A sniper with a muted voice? Oh she was pissed.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmishPirate View Post
    Sandy fell backward, gulping down air and massaging his bruised throat. What had gotten into Rainbow? Sure, it was gross and all, but did that really warrant nearly choking him out?! Or had that just really been the wrong time to go for a kiss? But how could that be true; it was before a battle, and this entire day, from the intoxicating club to the seductive assassin, hadn't exactly helped with keeping his mind on the mission. Why not give his fillyfriend a kiss for good luck, didn't she want more affection anyway? Of all the times for Rainbow to up and snap...

    He opened his mouth to defend himself, but all that came out was strained gurgling, as it felt like somepony was trying to stuff an entire lemon down his vocal chords. With talking out of the picture, the engineer could only sit back and try to tend to his throat, deliberately avoiding eye contact with his fillyfriend
    Quote Originally Posted by Orzel View Post
    The sniper looks away from everypony. Her teeth clench and grind in her mouth. Like coarse sandpaper rubbing together. "What are you doing now, Sandy? Trying to hypnotize me with your vampire powers for another taste? Maybe this time you can go from the neck like you wanted to then be with that one."
    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmishPirate View Post
    "Wha...what're you-" A fit of coughing overtook the engineer as he clutched at his throat. When it had subsided, he was shaking his head at the sniper in disbelief. "M'not a vampony...an' I...I would never...urkk...do that...*cough* ever...why d'you...gkkk...think that?" His voice was hoarse, and he could hardly talk above a low whisper.

    "Miss Rainbow, I advise that you calm your t**s. You're beau Sandy is a good fellow and MORTAL. He is no vampony. He loves you."
    She said sternly, not in the mood for this nonsense. She wanted the wangst to be saved for afterward.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grif View Post
    Silverpine found himself smirking slightly at that. "I'd say it was a worthwhile wait..." After awhile, he reluctantly let go and stepped back, still trying not to jump with glee. "We better get back. Who knows what damage our crew might have done in our absence," he said, still smiling.

    "Alright, come on,"
    She brushed her lips against his cheeks as he pulled away, a light wispy kiss. "Let's go before we get yelled at."

    Quote Originally Posted by Mindfreak
    The Cirrus
    Blaze helps the fire fighter ponies out and continues to help with the forest fire.
    After all, an extra pair of hooves in a mecha with some water gun attachments is helpful [
    At some point one of the firefighter ponies tries to make his way to the rather scary looking mecha.
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