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"Miss Rainbow, I advise that you calm your t**s. You're beau Sandy is a good fellow and MORTAL. He is no vampony. He loves you."
She said sternly, not in the mood for this nonsense. She wanted the wangst to be saved for afterward.

"Alright, come on,"
She brushed her lips against his cheeks as he pulled away, a light wispy kiss. "Let's go before we get yelled at."
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(A short response. Waiting for Zephyr, Miss M, and the rest to react.)

Rainbow's voice was low and still angry. "Oh yeah. Then why'd you do it?"

"My t**s are extremely calm, Miss." explains the enraged mare. A whiskey bottle pops open and is quarterway guzzled. Some pony better get her superior officers quick before some pony else gets hurt. "I'll believe it when he says it. And tells me why. You can't play with a mare's emotions."
And the pair walked into the last one. Silverpine blinked at the sudden change of mood in the room... and the sight of a whiskey bottle in Rainbow's hoof. He quickly whipped the bottle away and glanced at each of the ponies in the room in turn. "Okay, what the hay is goin' on here? You guys can't be fighting the five minutes we left you alone... right?"