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    I'm playing a ronin who is out to craft a style (Bushi Path) of his own. I have yet to discuss this with my GM (we're out of touch right now), so I was wondering if there were any guidelines that I should use or that are printed in any of the handbooks. Specifically:

    Is there an out-and-out guideline for designing a Path?

    How easy is it to cherry-pick from other schools?

    How many xp should a crafted Path level cost?

    For a guideline, he's going to base his philosophy on an observation of the Five Elements, beginning with Water one Element per Path level). For inspiration, I'm looking at the Element-based Kata, as well as the paths of the Monkey and Hare clans. Others I like are the Mirumoto Bushi (two swords are logical if you have both and can manage them) and the Akodo Kensai alt. Path. Philosophically, it will emphasize self-reliance through self-realization, with the Five Elements as an illustration.
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