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Then Head crab zombies from Half life don't count. Another dimension and outer space are the same thing: both are not "here".
You do have a point there. But at least they closely resemble the classic zombie much more than the Flood or Necormorphs do.

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If we're disallowing based on manipulation of the base form the L4D Infected should be out, too. Boomers and Spitters have wildly inhuman biologies, only resembling humans on the outside as their entire physiology has been modified to suit their new role, and Smokers are in a pretty similar place. Also, why does it matter what the source of the zombies is? If it's a mutated virus or a necromancer or a magic space rock or hell being full shouldn't matter.
The Spitter and Boomer have a mutated physiology, but compared to what the Flood and Necromophs do the differences are very minor. Take the Spitter. The acid it's spitting? Your body produces it all the time in your stomach. She just makes more of it. The only real alteration is the ability to spit so far. Boomers just (over) produce another substance your body already produces, bile with maybe a alteration that attracts common infected (smells more).