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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyberwulf View Post
    As far as the Necromorphs and The flood are concerned. I think they don't count as Zombies because they are a parasitic organism that uses the hosts body to make more of its kind. Sort of as a way of reproducing.
    This would rule out the majority of the Resident Evil franchise, however, not just the supermonsters.

    No, I think the problem here is that by the terms of the initial post, the Necromorphs DO count, and are by far and away the more dangerous. To the point where it feels unfair.

    But they are Space Zombies, and that means they get an invite.

    The flood I'm not quite so sure on, but they do require dead hosts so they are arguably more zombie than the Rage type, or other new-style not-dead zombies. (The flood would be much more dangerous than most others too, but the no-host-poaching rule largely cuts off their chances of cheap wins and increased numbers).
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