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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunken Valley View Post
    What exactly was wrong with the special? I though it was better than Suburban Knights and Kickassia.

    Although I doubt they will make a special as spectacular, what with Doug branching out and Spoony gone. Linkara, NChick and Film Brain can't hold it up on their own and Phelous and Lupa just can't cut it. Think of TBF as the end of an era.
    If there's one place we see the Critic again I think it would be the specials.

    And yeah I Phelous and Lupa are just kind of drains on scenes... I don't know what Phelous does on his own show but he's convinced me to never watch him. So probably the reverse effect of him being all over the special.

    (I already watch CR and JO who also got big pushes... but they don't produce that much. Seriously that's how you get there, regularity)
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