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    Default Re: [4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell OOC

    C'mon don't let this grind to a halt! It's been 29 hours!

    Edit: Now I see what you were doing, that was an exciting section in the Grandpre game. I can wait since combat hasn't started in earnest.

    Mertes endurance - (1d20+7)[11]

    So Mertes's minor action is to pass the endurance check, negating the penalty.

    Mertes still has a move and a standard action. Since he knows where one of the kobolds is, he can begin a charge against that kobold once he's close enough. If at some point during the charge it becomes evident that it can't be completed, though, the action will be lost.

    I see a couple options for you:
    1. Move then charge
    2. try another active perception to look for traps or other hidden kobolds
    3. head back out and report your findings to the rest of the party
    4. Use an item
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