No mention of the Black Lanterns (Which may not be allowed) or the Marvel Zombies? (I've only read up to Marvel Zombies 5 though.)

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I think another problem, is people are putting in the strain or various other products of whatever means is used to make zombies. Like for instance RE zombies, I don't think Lickers, Tyrants and other "mosters" from that series are considered Zombers per se. They are generally mutated or frankenstein'd out of a test tube. Same with the "special" infected from L4. There isn't any (as far as I know) real backstory about how the various strains of infected came to be.
Actually (I think that it was from the commentary track) there have been explanations for the special infected. They don't make much sense but they are explinations:
-Chargers were nerds.
-Boomers are the morbidly obese and zombification kicks their already extremely active digestive system into overdrive.
-Hunters are the extremely physically fit and behave as such.
Jockeys were... Well paraplegics.
-Smokers are people with mouth and/ or throat cancer. (Though it was originally going to be bowl cancer and the appendages that it grabs you with were going to be intestines.)
-I'm afraid that I don't remember the explanation for Spitters.
-Tanks were the uber-buff steroid abusers and came about because of the excess hormones.
-The Witches were bulimic and the virus affected them differently because of the lack of food/ energy to work with.