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Who's BB? The acronyms are confuzzling me =(
Blockbuster Buster. He's not really my thing. He just kinda lacks a certain spark some of the other reviewers have, and isn't very good at the getting angry thing.

Doug was good at getting over the top angry as the Nostalgia Critic.

Linkara is good at seeming like he is legitimately angry at whatever it is he's reading.

In my own experience, it seemed like Blockbuster Buster tries to do the second, but ends up doing the first, takes himself too seriously, and just in general isn't very fun to watch.

I watch Phelous, Obscurus Lupa, some CR stuff, Linkara, Brad Jones (Brad Tries and Cinema Snob), JesuOtaku (only sometimes), Film Brain (Exclusively Bad Movie Beatdown), MikeJ (Exclusively Shameful Sequels), Todd in the Shadows, Spoony (Off-site now naturally), and I've seen smatterings of a few other reviewers, and the difference between the ones I've seen and the Blockbuster Buster is, the ones I've seen tend to be good and entertaining at what they do.

It is however possible for your opinion of a reviewer to kinda get poisoned over time too. I've stopped liking Nostalgia Chick after her "Charlies Angels" review, and her just not being very entertaining either.