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    Re: Blockbuster Buster - I don't really have an opinion on him. I've watched a couple of his reviews, and while they didn't make me want to watch more, they also didn't give me any reason to dislike him.

    I watch basically everything from Doug (though I don't know why I still bother with Ask That Guy), Linkara, and Spoony. The rest, I'm very sporadic on. Probably watch the most of Nostalgia Chick and Film Brain in that respect, but still far from everything they do. Occasionally things from Brad, though mostly his Midnight Screening videos. I used to watch Angry Joe semi-consistently, but eventually stopped because I usually disagreed with him, and didn't find his attempts at humor funny enough to keep watching despite that. Used to watch Lord Kat's Until We Win consistently, but of course he retired it. Used to watch Benett's video game reviews semi-consistently too, but he seems to have dropped them for his new anime show, which I don't watch.

    For most everybody else, I either rarely watch videos when one catches my eye, or don't watch them at all (the latter is the case with the music reviewers, for instance).

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