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    I'm fine with Necromorphs being zombies. However how infectious are they? Sheer numbers might be enough to turn the tide against them.
    Highly. Any corpse within a certain area (undetermined, but at least a few miles) of a Marker, or any corpse infected with whatever it is that Infectors inject into you will reform into a fully-functional Necromorph of type appropriate to the corpse in question within hours in the case of Marker radiation or seconds in the case of intervention by an Infector. Though they can be affected in very unpredictable ways by a Marker's presence; they are very strongly attracted to the Red Marker, while the Black Marker placed on its pedestal is sufficient to render them entirely inert for miles around. Regardless, Infectors can manages a corpse every four seconds or so, and are common enough that the spread shouldn't be much slower than the simpler methods of zombie generation.

    Even if they weren't so infectious, only the more dangerous Apocalypses could hope to outmatch them even with a gargantuan numerical advantage. The basic, entry level Slasher Necromorph is utterly immune to small-arms and almost immune to most forms of conventional attack. Anything without at the very least superhuman (two or three times human) strength or highly advanced or specialised weaponry isn't going to be able to bring them down permanently at all. They are also strong enough to rip apart steel plating (albeit slowly) and can decapitate an unarmoured human with a single swing of their scythe-like claws. The most dangerous ones, like Hunters? Wolverine-level regeneration and the strength to casually rip a human being in half. Anything short of total disintegration simply will not do the job. One Hunter or Ubermorph could likely solo a Romero-style Apocalypse.
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