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How would a Hunter fare against a Tank? Tanks casually toss around cars and rip into concrete like it's mud.
Oddly. The primary advantage the Hunter has is its nearly unstoppable regenerative ability. They'll simple regenerate any damage done to them after a couple of seconds, none the worse for wear. The only time we see one killed in canon, it is done by disintegrating it utterly using a space ship's exhaust stream. The thing will just shrug off anything the player can do to it. Otherwise, they're only nominally more dangerous than a Slasher, which the Tanks would tear apart fairly easily.

I'd say the Tank would eventually get torn up badly enough to lose the fight, but not before tearing apart the Hunter a few times. But Tanks are much, much more common (Hunters and Ubermorphs can only be created by very specific circumstances), so enough of them might manage to cause enough damage to finish one off. Certainly a Tank to hold it down and two or three Spitters to eat it away with acid would do the job, if the Infected got lucky enough to run into that particular scenario.