To Save the World
Go back to sleep, her mind and body told her. Just don't bother. The fire won't come here anyway.[ But that was insane, so she shook off that thought, coming down to earth. Painfullly.
Oh god the neighborhood was on fire. What was she supposed to do? Escape, of course. What else could anyone do?
Jump out of the window and stop that man with the lighter, was the first thing that came to her, but that was insane too. She had no idea what was going on, only that it was wrong.
She glanced around her, looking for the bow she'd been offerred as a present to reward her athletic success. Just one of the oh so many precious things she couldn't bear to abandon should the fire come to her house... Yet she had to choose; so she took the bow.
She turned back from the window and went to the door to unlock it. Whoever this man wit the strange lighter was, she wouldn't let him go. She was going to bolt toward the street and keep that man with lighter from running away.
Even in her panic, she half-realized that this was madness. But it wouldn't stop her