I Need a Hero
"Oh God." She didn't say it out loud, but she thought it. Erin watched the scene unfold before her, frozen in place...Then forced herself to close her eyes and take a deep breath to calm down. Panic wouldn't help anyone. Taking a few steps back to keep herself out of earshot, she pulled out her cell phone, dialing 911. "...a mugging...corner between the street of..."
But even as she finished calling the police, her anxiety only grew. How long until the cops arrived, especially in this part of town? The rate of patrol men to citizens being what it was, statistically, odds were that none would be close enough to intervene before...before what? How far would this go? And how long before something irreversible happened? Someone should...Should do what? This wasn't an action movie. She couldn't get into a fight with these guys and fight them off! Rally the crowd? Oh, like hell. That would take even longer than waiting for the cops.
But...if she could at least gain some TIME, that would help, no? She stepped toward the thugs. "Excuse me...Is something wrong?"