In Sleep He Sang To Me
To her own surprise, the first thing Shirley feels upon meeting the abomination isn't fear, nor anything of the kind; instead, it is an annoyance. There goes Knox's Second... Still, it registeres somewhere in the back of her mind that Holmes, while surprised - shocked even - by the... thing's appearance, obviously knows something about it.
Meanwhile, as the husk launches its attack, Shirley leaps away instinctively, keeping herself both away from the monster's claws and the detective's line of fire, her mind focused on two things: one, what is Moriarti doing, and two, is there something that can be useful against the creature... A chandelier, perhaps... It is a ballroom, after all, there have to be chandeliers! Of course, running away is also an option... No, it isn't. If I run now, I'll never know what was that thing!