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    Default Re: Things I May No Longer Do While Playing III: I May Not Iron Heart Surge Rule Zero

    * The NPC guides assigned to get us to the adventure site are not then promoted to "trap specialists".
    ** Even if I have a high bluff and they a low wisdom.
    *** The DM... er, kobolds... put a LOT of thought into that trap, and if I were to detect it, bypass it, or otherwise escape it, that would be rude.
    **** I AM allowed to suggest that the barbarian bypass the door and greataxe his way in through the wall, since apparently a trap causing the entire building to collapse is sensitive to that sort of thing.

    * Slippers of Spider Climbing are a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked if abused.
    ** Anything that requires holding a mini in midair above the monster, or forcing the DM to think in three dimensions, counts.
    *** Attempting to invoke the DM's stupid "but you didn't actually say you were looking up, so you're surprised regardless of what you rolled" rule against the monsters also constitutes abuse.
    **** Holding my breath is also a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked if abused.

    * Not allowed to defeat a locust swarm with a smoke stick.
    ** Nor a centipede swarm with a Create Water spell.
    *** Not allowed to use Create Water to increase the size class of a water elemental in order to get more XPs.
    **** Water elementals are NOT hurt by Purify Food and Drink.

    * Rangers may not select "Box Text" as a favored terrain. (They get favored terrain in addition to favored enemy in Pathfinder)
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