Thanks, Houlio. My first thought was your idea about traveling from dojo to dojo and earning the privelage of instruction, but I wasn't sure about how jealously these secrets are guarded. As the ronin has good ties to the Monkey and Hare clans from his first couple of adventures, I think he should start there. My idea as ti stands now is to have him observe nature and learn from different sword masters (and lots and lots of dueling) to develope his own style. To begin with:

1: Water

Formless, selfless Ring,
River's erosion, sea's crash;
Be Water, my friend.

Mechanically, this step on the path to enlightenment is the same as Toku's Lesson (Toku Bushi School), though with anemphasis on adaptability rather than out-and-out audacity. The +1k0 bonus works tha same; the Wound Penalty reduction, though, is equal to (School Rank x 2) + Perception (rather than Willpower).

I will develope the other Levels as the character progresses, to reflect what [I]he[I]learns.

Any othe comments or suggestions?

P.S.: I think he should be spending xp on this to reflect his origional developement of this style. How many points is the question (?).