I have compiled some possible systems. If you have any you would like to add to the list, please say so, and tell me why they are awesome.

Storytelling System (NWoD)

  • Simple and easy.
  • Very well-crafted core mechanic that helps to tell stories.
  • Character creation could lend itself well to the game's concept.
  • The concept feels like something from the World of Darkness, and could perhaps be loosely worked in.

  • Would be harder to adapt, since there is no generic system book.
  • Would need to be adjusted to work with animate stuffed bears.

Savage Worlds

  • Dynamic, relatively easy rules.
  • Generic system book would help to make the process easy.
  • Flexible character creation.

  • The core stats may need to be adjusted.
  • Use of the system would mean that the game would almost require miniatures.

Adjusted d20 System

  • Widely known.
  • System is open.

  • The rules can be rather clunky.
  • Feels bloated.