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Thread: Ideas for marketing a Kindle novel?

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    I'm far more impulsive than you are. I felt the urge to put my book on the Kindle and I had it up within two days.

    Note that I didn't say that being impulsive was a good thing. I have no cover, seven sales total, and about two hundred copies given away for free during promotions. Turns out that by signing up for KDP select, I barred myself from handing out any free e-copies to professional reviewers, which is a really bad thing - not sure that I made up for it in free copy publicity though. Apparently I made every mistake possible with the free promotion - Ididn't do all five days in a chunk, and did it on the first of the month, when a lot of other free promos run, so mine was just a drop in the bucket. I did wind up with three reviews and 4.3 stars, so I'm still hoping for good things.

    Since you're not barred from that (yet at least) - you may find the following quite useful. - a list of reviewers of indie books and each one's criteria for review. A lot of them are backlogged but you may like it.

    More useful: - She has her self-publishing journey chronicled, along with things that explicitly did or did not provide her with extra sales. E.g. trying to sell on writing forums wasn't worth the time, but ad campaigns on Goodreads wound up generating more cash in sales than they cost to run.
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