I hope so as well, but it won't be a long and winded experience. It's just whenever I don't have my campaign ready and if the GM doesn't decide to go with GURPS instead. We're still keen on playing the Supers campaign on the Marvelverse.

In any case, we finally figured out about the Dual Weapon Style rules, and as I had suspected, they're starting with a bit of Florentine style, and we actually pegged down the Master rules for it without having seen it. To explain a bit: the "Florentine" style is just one of the names given to the style of fighting with two weapons, with the main weapon used for combat (usually a rapier, which works well for parrying as well) and the other for defense (usually a main gauche), rarely used for attacking. The Apprentice rank duplicates this with a bonus to Defense (the ability to ignore the hit), the Journeyman rank grants a reduction to the stunt point cost of Lightning Attack (essentially allowing you to hit twice), and the Master rank does the traditional "strike with two weapons in the same attack" technique. It was just intuitive, given that it's roughly the same move used in D&D (of which the game draws a lot of influences, such as the Minor and Major actions).

I will admit it's fun if you go overboard with it, twice as much if you've enjoyed the game. We're still a bit sad that you can't use the game's techniques, even if the stunts are pretty fun. It's also a shame that the rules for potions aren't in the first two sets, while those for Poisons and Grenades do. Perhaps it's because I've only seen the Player's Guides for sets 1 and 2, so I'm probably missing a lot. Also, having to wait for level 3 in order to get the Cunning (Healing) trait and the Chirurgy talent, meaning anyone save for a mage has to wait quite a bit for healing.

Comparing the battles in the RPG to those of the game...well, I find that they're easier. Perhaps it's because on Origins I'm playing in Nightmare mode, so that means I succeed on one of every three battles (the other two having to reload), so battling on the tabletop version seems just too easy. Perhaps it's because of the point-buy use, but I could argue that it's not like that would really matter.

Still: it all depends on how you play it. We went really over the top, given that we were arguing about who was the bigger fool on a ship, while we were taken as slaves. We ended up beating the big boss and his bodyguards pretty easily, so we put our actions where our words are. I still don't know when the next session will be, since we're only limited to playing once per week and not every week, and then there's the side campaign I'm doing that's tied to the main D&D campaign, which means we might not see another DA session in months. That, or the holidays, in which we may stretch one or two games per week depending on my work schedule.