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    Default Re: Rookie GM starting Shadowrun: oneshots and other advice, please

    First off, the Shadowrun 4e pregens in the books are kinda infamously poorly done. Not illegal, but rather impossibly poorly done. Things like a weapons master without multiple initiative passes and such, and a general ineptitude in their design, and don't tend to be very broad in their abilities. Not sure what to do otherwise, given SR 4A character generation tends to take long enough to be prohibitive for a one-shot, but you might want to know.

    Second, IMHO, it's a bit easier to run a hacker as an integral part of a run in 4e due to it working on the same general rules as everything else - I've seen combats go on where there's simultaneous hacking going on that's effecting the battle. But if none of your PC's want to be one, you can certainly handle it with NPCS.

    Third - there's two optional rules proposed in the books I'm a big fan of. First, from Arsenal, is the custom rule where you can have armor custom-fitted to allow a maximum of Body x3 armor before encumbrance, which makes it a bit easier to build characters who won't immediately fold over like tissue paper in a gunfight, but that may be a personal taste issue. Otherwise, I like the stat-based computer actions rule from Unwired where instead of computer rolls being Skill+Program Rating, they're Stat+Skill capped at the rating number of hits, like a spell. (A houserule on that is to allow technomancers to use Resonance for their computer check skills to decrease MAD slightly.)
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