To Save the World
((you were right to mention it, I was unsure as to wether it was after or before))

Danger everywhere, fire burning the houses and threatening people, and those two weird persons fighting in the middle of it... She hadn't become a Champion by slowly pondering the ins and outs of a problem for hours at end; it seemed clear to her that whoever those people were, they were responsible for this senseless destruction. Rage surged inside her, and she itched to fall upon them with staff and armor and blow them away without mercy...

But that wasn't how she did things. Not without mercy. Not when there were innocents in danger. She swallowed her anger and bitterness, and took her eyes of the fighting pair - then twisted out of her parent's view, rushing to the trapped girl.

No time for subtelty and disguise, no time for silly girl's play of dual identities and such. With a flare of her inner light, she summoned her Regalia - her fingers tightening around the reassuring handle of the Device.

She ran straight past the two fighting figures, paying them no more heed, and went to the door. She would enter that building and save that girl if it was the last thing she did.

((I'm paying two Wisps, one to transform reflexively and another to load the Levinbolt, and run toward the house)