Me and Gravity
Nerissa panted as her feet slapped against the pavement, cursing herself for not being much of a runner. But even though her lungs were burning and her legs felt like they were going to fall off, she wasn't stopping. Not when Marisol's life was in jeopardy. Kid's really could be cruel. She got a taste of it growing up -- and even now sometimes -- thanks to her weight. She was a bit heavier than most girls, but wore it well. Still, it didn't stop the more vain types from teasing her. Nerissa luckily had enough socially-motivated confidence to shake off their jibes. But Marisol wasn't so lucky.

And now, as she got up to the bridge, completely out of a breath, she saw the tormented girl in the distance. Someone else was there, and for a brief moment Nerissa breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps whomever it was did their best to coax her from harming herself. Though that all went out the window when Marisol started climbing the railing. She gasped, taking off again, ignoring how tired she was. She could rest when Marisol wasn't teetering on the brink of a horrible death.

"Marisol!" She called as she got closer. "It's Nerissa! I'm here! Get down, please!"