Aaaah. This moment. I know that feel... I've seen PbP die that way.

1. But you know what? See that little banner in my sig, for one year of playing in the SAME CAMPAIGN, with all of the players staying (save for one who got banned, RIP Hansi) the same. Thing is, the DM lost interest. Halfway through the campaign, he just couldn't feel it. So, I told him that we'd all be there. We did. We waited for a month, and lo and behold, he had found that spark again!

So I'd wait for a bit. Look into the world.

2. Shake things up. Play the Homestuck "This Crap Doesn't Have to make Sense" card, and throw a race of dimension traveling ancient dwarves with two hearts and no names into the deal. Make a ninja appear. Blow up the house. Then try to explain it all. Congratulations; you've just added an [unintended, slightly random, possibly storybreaking] twist to your idea!

3. Ask for help, rethink things. Why is this so? Why not change it? I mean, you did it to the art style, so you can do other things, too.

I'll be here. I won't delete this thread from my subs, and I'll watch hopefully. If this helps, I"m glad. I wanna see this comic succeed, mate, and I love it.