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    In Sleep He Sang To Me
    How did I came here? Shirley tries to remember, still backing from the moster, but the outcome is fuzzy. There is no apparent way she COULD be in a place like that... wait. [i]WHAT is this place? It shouldn't exist in the first place; judging by what's visible through the hole in the wall, it breaks all the laws of geology... almost like it's a dream. But it can't be; it feels so real... TOO real actually. It's like an alibi that's too concrete... they're always false.
    She throws the metal pieces - some still holding the burning candles - in the monster's face, one after the other, more to distract than actually expecting to hurt it; after all, even bullets a ineffective; but at the samу time, she kicks the main body of the chandelier in front of the creature. Hopefully, it would make him lose his balance, giving her time enough to ask a question... "This is a dream, right? But, it's also real, and dangerous, and if we die here..."
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