I Need a Hero

Oh crap oh crap oh crap NO. CALM DOWN. Don't let the bastards win. Doing her best not to panic, Erin raised both hands to simultaneously slap them against the ears of the thug holding her, with the goal of putting extremely painful pressure on his eardrums...while simultaneously kneeing him in the crotch.
Which left the matter of the one about to slam her with a haymaker. She tried to brace herself for the incoming impact.
After all, she couldn't let evil win.
It wasn't the way things ought to happen.
Evil had to be defeated. Talked down if possible, taken down swiftly otherwise. And someone had to do it.
Of course, evil usually won...but that wasn't the way things should be. Not the way she would allow them to be. Not as far as she could help it.
And as she felt that powerful surge of conviction, it was almost as if she channeling it, wielding it to block the impact. Wait, where had all the light come from? Why...Why were her clothes feeling so different? And what was it with that weird staff? New intuitions were already in place, telling her things...

((Spending one Wisp on quickened transformation as she blossoms, and one on Holy Shield if possible...I think she can only spend one Wisp per turn?
If possible, she uses the Acqua Invocation for her Barrier Jacket. If not, it still adds one dot of Armor.
Not sure if I should roll anything for her attack on the first thug...?))