I think maybe approaching the creation of castles and cities by starting with examples I like and thinking how I could include them in the Ancient Lands doesn't work out so well. I'm pretty much stuck at the same point for months.
Maybe instead it will work better by first starting with the leaders and their clans and then coming up with interesting designs for their homes later. After all, purpose comes first and descriptions follows on it is the basic design for the whole setting anyway.

Now does anyone have some hints for me where to look for interesting ideas for leaders and the communities they head?
Morrowind and Skyrim would be two good examples, where you already have a lot of small communities in a complex network of relationships, and all of them having their own personalty and character. Mass Effect also has some really cool ones that I think would work well, particularly Aria or Wrex and Eve, and the Asari have lots of great example for evil elves. Any other ideas where to look for inspirations?