To Save the World
Fire everywhere. For a second, she direly regretted not having learned the Charm that would have made her barrier jacket fire-proof. Nonetheless, she had to make do with what she had.
"Stand back! I'm coming to help you!" she shouted to the girl.
I know the Invocation of water. I don't know how useful it's going to be against actual fire, but it's a start. And the blasting power of my Levinbolt can send enemies flying yards away; it should be able to blow out some flames, at least temporarily.
...I hope.

She swallowed, tightened her grip on the Device; blue energy gathered in front of the staff, an orb of energy imbued with the power of the Queen of Diamonds. She shouted loudly and unleashed a salvo of energy beams upon the fire that blocked her path - then ran straight-on into it.

((as you can guess, I'm using the Acqua Invocation and shooting at the flames, hoping it has some sort of effect on them))