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[At the Cliffs]

"Yes, thank you for noticing." Cessie replies with a smile as slowly reaches out her hand towards the two pixies, inviting to her open palm. "Want to see something cool?"

Meanwhile Bastion is trying to confirm the bug-lady is real by poking her, seemingly unsure what to really do. Cora won't let him get all the tiny persons attention though and quickly attempt to crawl forward and grab at Sarah again. What an annoying baby.
[At the Cliffs]

The two children peer curiously at her hand/ Something cool? That sounds great. "Yeah!" Henry says while Lyle just nods.

Sarah laughs and flies out of Cora's reach again. She sure is persistent. She moves behind Bastion and looks at his wings. "Ooh, you're going to be able to fly, aren't you? I bet your dad will have to teach you. You're going to like that."