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    Death Masks
    Definitely not human, that’s for sure. The blob once again follows, making a mad rush behind the fleeing gymnast. Once again it changes, and it literally breaks apart, passing on either side of her before it appears in front of her again. This time other parts of the shifting shape begin to change, forming into long tendrils that write and lash forward, aiming to enfold her in their grip. It’s mouth elongates now, the mask stretching and drooping down as its jaw unhinges.

    A voice comes from it, clarion clear and high.

    “A tattering of rain and then the reign.
    Of pour and pouring-down and down.
    Where in the westward gathered the filming gown.
    Of grey and clouding weakness, and, in the mane.”

    Mia can find a baton lying around, though that probably won’t do too well against this thing.

    ((Blossom at your leisure.))

    In Sleep He Sang To Me
    The giant hand of beast sways several chunks aside, though one manages to scorch it’s demonic face, causing the thing to reel backward. In the meantime Moriarty is still staring. Slowly, he takes a step. Shirley may realize that if this a dream, and those are other dreams, letting him run free in them may be a bad idea.

    “I think that’s an accurate deduction.” That’s Sherlock’s note. “But so are all those others.” He points to the people trapped in the grip of the creature. Shirley senses something else, then. While this scene plays out in her mind’s eye, she’s dimly aware of another. She’s in her room, laying in her bed. Waking up, though, seems to be fairly difficult.

    Then again, if she did wake up she’d be leaving all of those screaming, suffering people to their fate. The monster lunges forward again, tearing more chunks of floor away, it’s huge face coming down toward Shirley, as if it intends to swallow her whole.

    ((Blossom at your leisure. You can either try and kill the big monster and save all the dreamers, or stop Moriarty from leaving. Doing both is probably not possible.))

    I Need a Hero
    The thug that grabbed Erin reels back, stunned for a moment. The other one, though, he decides to make her pay for it. That heavy fist comes down in a sharp arc, and the impact is there, but it doesn’t actually HURT. At all.

    The flash of light causes momentary confusion, the man faltering for a second. “What the hell?” Then a second blow comes, two hands this time.

    The boy that was being attacked has crawled and stumbled to the side of the older woman in the meantime, shaking her frantically, though his bloody face turns up in shock at the flash of light and the transformation of the girl that came to his rescue. He just stares blankly, unable to do anything to help.

    ((No rolls or mechanical concerns during preludes. If you write that you blast one of the thugs, that’s what happens.))

    To Save the World
    Chunks of the floor are torn up, a few things collapse, but there is a clearer path now. There's still enough to make it hurt, but not enough that she catches flame on the way, only feels the searing heat and pain for a moment before she's beside the child at the window.

    "Help! Please!" The little girl instantly rushes toward her, throwing herself against the Princess, clinging tight. With the hole in the floor getting out might not be that much of an issue, if Kim is willing to take the plunge and then go for the door after that. There's also the window, or a long path back down the stairs.
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