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Ok guys so I am interested in playing shadowrun and I have a buddy who runs but I would like your help figuring out if this character is legal or not. Im a little confused on some of the system's information. So here is my elf

Elf 30BP
Exceptional Attribute (Agi) 20BP
Erased 10 (Pistols) BP
Aptitude 10BP
Ambidextrous 5 BP
Elf is a race not a positive attribute
You are limited to 35 pts of positive attributes unless your GM House rules otherwise and you have 45 bp
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Badluck -20BP
Uncouth -20BP
Simsense Vertigo -10BP
SINner -5BP
Mild Allergy Gold -5BP
Codeblock -5BP
Scorched -5BP
Again maximum 35 of negative attributes
(Opinion) I Would not allow you to have scorched or Code Block as I see them having no negative impact on your character. I consider Bad Luck very close to a death sentence and Uncouth to be a disaster waiting to happen it should get you into a lot of pointless fights and lose you a lot of valuable information
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Starting Stats
Bod 1 0BP
Agi 8 75BP
Rea 5 40BP
Str 1 0BP
Cha 3 0BP
Int 4 30BP
Log 4 30BP
Wil 3 20BP
Ini 9 0BP
Edge 1
Essence 6
(Opinion) Having a body of 1 is Suicide, it means you will not soak any damage have only 9 physical condition boxes and have a lot of problems wearing armour making the lack of soak worse
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Skills (40)
Pistols 7 20 BP (raised from 2 in firearms skill group to 7)
Infiltration 1 4BP
Locksmith 1 4BP
Perception 1 4 BP
Dodge 2 8BP
Being able to break a skill from a skill group is an optional rule check with your GM
(Opinion)Given that if you are hit you will die , get a better dodge but remember it only counts vs ranged combat if you use your action as a full defense which you will have problems doing.
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Skill groups (30)
Close Combat 1 10BP
Firearms 2 20BP
With such a low strength there are very few close combat weapons you can use effectively I would recomend taking Clubs or unarmed combat instead to save points and taking a stun weapon
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30 BP for Gear at 5k per point 150,000 Nuyen

Gear (91,720)
2 Forearm snap blades - 300
2 Shock gloves - 400
2 Are Viper Sliver gun - 1000
2 Colt Manhunters -600
Chameleon Suit with Thermal Dampening 4 - 10,000
4 Quick Draw Holsters - 400
Contacts rating 3, thermographic vision, flare compensation, vision magnification - 400
Autopicker 6 - 1200
Cellular glove molder 3 - 600
climbing gear - 200
geckotape gloves - 250
rappelling gloves - 70
Grapplegun with microwire (200m) - 600
Muscle Toner 3 - 24,000
2 Customized Obvious Cyberarms left Str 6 right Body 6 - 21,00 and 20,700
Reflex Recorder 1 Pistols - 10,000
Your Muscle toner 3 is illegal for a starting character as its availability is 15 (rtg*3) a good choice though
to make up for one less level of it could get Enhanced articulation
Also you have climbing gear and no climbing skill
YOU MUST GET SOME FORM OF INITIATIVE BOOST. I recomend Wired Reflexes -2 as it is relatively cheap compared to the other options. You are a combat monkey without it you are just a target
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Stats modified
Agi 11 (8)
Str 6 (1)
Bod 6 (1)
Your modified Body is not 6 that is not how cyber arms work, neither is your srength 6. You can use your arms strength for many tests such as hitting people but for instance it would not help you make a running test or determine how much you can carry.
I don't use cyberlimbs much but IIRC the only bonus you get to damage resistance is +1 dice per cyber limb

Also by chopping you arms of you have crippled yourself totally and completely. You do use the agl of the arms for shooting that defaults to 3.... so all the effort to get a high agl and the muscle toner are completely wasted .
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Modified Skills
Pistols 8 (7)

Like I said I have never played before but I am very interested just need to make sure I am actually doing this all correctly. Also what should I spend the other 60k on or should I convert it back to BP and get other things? Thanks for all the help guys!
The concept of a skilled pistol fighter is a good and common one this is just fairly poorly implemented (I have just spent a lot of time designing characters for a new campaign so I am in practice)

I would have gone for a physical adept for this build
Elf 30
Physical adept 5
Way of the warrior 10
Ambidextrous 5
35 pts negative qualities (-35)
200pts attributes
magic 5 or 6 (40 or 65 pts)
edge 3 20 pts
Pistols 6 (specialisation semi-auto) 30
Rest of points split between skills and gear

(You could trade in a point of essence and magic for cyberware I woudl recomend in that case Muscle Toner 2, Enhanced articualtion, Cybereyes including smartlink and flare comp)

Increased Skill(Pistol)3 1.5 (way of the warrior 1.125)
Increased reflexes 2 or 3 (3 or 5 magic points with WofW 2.25 OR 3.75
Whats left is to taste , I quite like combat sense or mystic armour