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Ok, Let's try this again.

Attributes +20BP
Human 0BP
Erased -10 BP
Moderate Addiction Cigarettes +10BP
SINner +5BP
Mild Allergy, Gold +5BP
Incompetent, Hacking +5BP
Sensitive Neural Structure +5BP

Stats (Unmodified/Modified)
Bod 3
Agi 6/9
Rea 4/6
Str 3/7
Cha 1
Int 3
Log 3
Wil 2
Ini 9
Edge 4

Pistol 6(specialized in Semi Auto) 26 BP
Dodge 4 16 BP
Perception 1 4 BP
Infiltrate 1 4 BP

Gear (50 BP spent for 250,000 Nuyen)
Synaptic Booster (2) 160,000
Muscle Augementation (4) 28,000
Muscle Toner (3) 24,000
Reflex Recorder (Pistols 1) 10,000
Chameleon Suit with Thermal Dampening (4) 10,000
Autopicker (6) 1200
Grapplegun with 200m Micro wire and rappelling gloves 670
Contacts (3) thermographic vision, flare compensator, low light vision 400
Geckotape gloves 250
Climbing gear 200
2 Ares IV Predators in quickdraw holsters 900
20 Extra clips with 300 rounds normal ammo 700
10 Extra clips with 150 rounds of APDS ammo 1100

Still have like 10k left.

While not as agile as the elf I wrote up this character feels better rounded at least. What do you think now?

Muscle Augmentation(cyberware) and Muscle toner Bioware are not compatible these is a strength muscle increase you can get as bioware which is compatible with muscle toner , it costs more and I cannot remember the name
I would buy wired reflexes instead of the synatptic booster saves you a fortune
Muscle toner 3 and APDS have availability over 12 and so cannot be started with , without a 5bp quality each (for apds arguably 5bp per bullet but thats silly) so get Ex-Ex
Erased and Sinner are pretty much directly opposed so I would not allow both

Your skills are one dimensional . I would probably have some athletics (for climbing and running) shadowing and pilot ground vehicle

I like a high willpower and would have traded logic for will as you have no skills which use logic and you WILL get stun or manabolted some time