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Thanks for your post Andrew, what do you think about the second character I posted? much less maxed out but also more balanced. Also what is the highest rating you can have starting out? I shall reiterate two things, 1 I have never played before, ever, and 2 I am only using the main rule book for everything I don't think the GM uses any other books. Not sure if you posted anything from other books but I want to be clear so I don't bring something that is a total waste.
I think only way of the warrior is from another source , but I don't have the books here at work so I cannot be certain which book some stuff is in.
And the character is as I say not a bad idea and is certainly no worse than many first attempts including my own.
Wired reflexes is definitely in the main rule book. If they are in the main book seriously consider Ruger Thunderbolt pistols as the are BF , and get smartlink on your contacts as that is 2 free dice on pistol tests.
Unless you have ambidextrous 2 pistols at once is very bad it is mediocre with ambidextrous (but cool!)

Incompetence is controversial with some gm's , the classic is Incompetent pilot aerospace , I require it to be a skill you may need some day rather than something like hacking which will never come up