I Need a Hero

My name is Erin Watson, and this situation has just turned more surrealistic than an illustrated guide to quantum mechanics drawn by Salvadore Dali.
I can feel this...power of hope? Power of Light? Something like that. And this...this science-fictional staff in my hands...I just KNOW what it does. I know it can knock this evildoer on his ass. I know how much force it will exert, what form the impact will take place. Enough to hurt him. Not enough to kill him, or even maim him. Exactly what I need.
Of course I'm not going to use it. I'm NOT going to use an untested weapon on some guy, even if he's a douchebag - for all I know, maybe my sudden knowledge is all wrong and this thing could rip him to shreds.
But I still need him GONE.

Raising her Boomstaff up in the sky, Erin sent a blast of pure luminous energy skyward. "RUN, SCUM OF THE EARTH! RUN, OR FACE MY POWER, WEAK LITTLE HUMAN!"
Hopefully, criminals really ARE a cowardly, superstitious lot. Don't fail me now, Batman.