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    Quote Originally Posted by PairO'Dice Lost View Post
    What I don't like is when players think it's most logical to ignore all of the magical stuff that's already there and try to duplicate real-life stuff like guns, nukes, and computers (or only use the magic to create the parts to make the modern stuff) while complaining about lack of progress.
    There are some things that are general though.

    Like people. Most settings have people in the sense of "independent identities with independent goals and desires; that have some social order amongst themselves".
    Most settings don't usually have useful things happening when people don't do them. Food doesn't normally fall from the sky. (replace with whatever other desire)

    And the fundamental problem with people is one of economics.

    Each person desires things. Each person can make some things (averaged over the whole population). Therefore, the more things you can make per person, the more things per person you have.

    With the two common themes of people and "no free things" in most settings, it would be fair to say that in most settings, societies would pursue methods to increase the number of things each person can make. (some of them redefine people; aka slavery; the same forces apply to the masters)

    It doesn't matter what your metaphysics are, what your societies' philosophy is. If your setting does not have this force of desiring and working towards needing less people, it is not a setting we understand and can play in. Or it has a plot hole.

    And if you look at the stereotypical fantasy story, this is a plot hole.
    This is something I dislike in settings.

    EDIT: this is not to say you cannot explain it. You can explain it, but I *will* ask for that explanation.
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