Death Masks

Spotting the Thing giving chase Mia put the pedal to the medal as hard as she could; only to gasp in shock as the damned Thing broke apart and reformed in front of her. Eyes widening in horror even as her brain orders her body to stop and turn away from the grotesque metamorphosis taking place before her.

Mia officially had no idea what was going on, or what she was even dealing with. This thing, whatever it was wanted to end her that much was clear; damn thing could shapeshift and was now reciting poetry at her. Moreover it was far, far faster than she could ever hope to be. Worse still, she was alone. She had no way to escape the thing; it was obvious it had only let things come this far because it was toying with her.

For the briefest moment part of her considered just stopping rather than just turning around; maybe it would end quickly, maybe she shouldn't keep fighting this abomination. Not like she had the strength to. Maybe it was for the best...Like hell it is! she reprimanded herself as she steeled her resolve. She couldn't do that, she wouldn't do that; and she sure as well wasn't going to let herself get offed by a tentacle monster without a fight!

The young gymnast felt something stir within her as the tendrils came within range; it was like a bolt of lightning had shot through her body from the inside out. She felt an almost indescribable lightness to her body as she leaped backwards; her body seemingly moving by impulse as adrenaline and wonder took hold of her. Hardly noticing the set of ten cards that had appeared in her hands, or when she had tossed them all at the creature

It wasn't until after she her new sneakers squeaked against the gymnasium floor, and she felt the foreign weight upon her body that her mind finally caught up to her; even less sure now of what had just happened than before.

Feel like I should summarize her turn, though I know it's not necessary for the prelude; though it seems like good practice for once the campaign formally commences.

Basically this would've been her paying a Willpower to increase her defense, paying a 1 Wisp to reactively transform; before moving away from the creature, possibly invoking Aria via Celestial Dance, and then doing a medium autofire Burst with her Levinbolt Charm at the creature.