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    Quote Originally Posted by wadledo View Post
    So a while back Gnorman was throwing out ideas for feats, and he either linked or quoted basically exactly what is in Frank and K's Tomes.
    At the time, I was less than enthused by it, because I can't see beyond my own nose.
    Now, however, I see that those kinds of feats are absolutely perfect for his e6 classes.

    In addition, have you thought of any sort of World or Setting for your classes, Gnorman?
    They were feats in the style of Frank and K, yes, though they were my own creations. Djinn_in_tonic also posted some similar feats (that gave a benefit at every level) in his own G6 project.

    As far as a setting, I haven't really put one together beyond the one that might be suggested by my races. Tieflings and aasimar living together, mass hysteria, et cetera. Might be fun to work on right now though. Low magic, realistic, gritty without being too grim.