Me and Gravity
Nerissa looked into Marisol's eyes, face pleading with her not to go through with this. At the same time the strange woman looked over in her direction, and Nerissa wanted to scream at her to help -- to stop an innocent person from ending their life. But instead she spoke something over to the emotionally wrecked girl -- something that in Nerissa eyes only served to push her onward in jumping to her doom.

"NO!" Nerissa screamed, feeling as though she was fighting a loosing battle. If only she could reach her in time. If only... If only... If only...

Time seemed to slow for her then as something else took over. She sprung forward with an inhuman amount of force, and it was suddenly as if her body weigh nothing. Threads of fabric spun from nothing and surrounded her body, transforming her into what she needed to be -- or rather, what she always wanted to be. When her feet hit the ground again the change was complete, a golden scepter clutched within her grasp. Her eyes were filled with hope and determination. No one was going to die today.