[Children's Room]

Harnel looks at Wenomir. He has a snappy comeback prepared, but it has sexual overtones, and he doesn't want to embarrass Cessie in front of Wenomir, "Alright, I'll go wash up then," he says, before moving off in the direction of the washroom.

Cora will wrap her hand around one of Wenomir's fingers, a look of sheer glee on her face, before she starts shaking and jumping up and down. "Wabaa!" she says enthusiastically. This likely won't have any effect on the demon hunter, but he'll be able to feel Cora's little claws against his skin. Given their current softness, it's actually a rather pleasant sensation.

Bastion stands up along the side of the crib like his sister, before putting a hand in his mouth and simply staring at Wenomir with wide blue eyes.