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    Quote Originally Posted by The Glyphstone View Post

    Okay, so I'd like to propose the following four rules for a definition of 'zombie', as I read the OP's intent:
    I'm down for that. Let's see what I can do:

    RE Zombies: Basically your standard Shamblers, except that when being 'killed' without being decapitated or immolated they will shortly return to 'life', stronger, faster, more agressive and with fresh claws. This may disqualify them. If it does not, it may give them an upper hand.

    Solanium Zombies: The Zombie Survival Guide zombies. Basically your normal dumb Romero Shambler, including the general immunity to anything but a headshot. Freeze up at subzero temperatures, going dormant until thawed. Flesh is extremely toxic to living beings, likely causing trouble for the Rage Zombies and Infected.

    Dead Rising Zombies: Shamblers. No special resistance to damage (in fact far less so than humans), seem to be physically weaker than a human being. Display an obvious horde mentality, being almost never seen in groups of less than ten. At night time, they become more aggressive and tougher. Seem to have some horribly rudimentary ability to use weapons.

    Of these, I'll go for the Romero zombies. Rudimentary intelligence, human-equivalent strenth and a slight bit of intelligence beats any of the above. Solanium zombies take anything that has 'infected'-style still alive zombies right out of the running.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyberwulf View Post
    I know I am splitting hairs here. I don't think the Necromorphs are true zombies. They seem to be the worker-bees for some higher inelligences.
    Much like the Aliens from, well... Aliens. The Bugs from Starship Troopers. Unless the Necromorphs attack anything, and everything that moves. Then they would be Zombies. However, if they don't attack things like the bigger monsters.
    They... Really aren't smart. At all. Are you dead? If no, the Necromorphs will attack you. No exceptions, at least not that we've seen. Not even if leaving you be would be strictly beneficial to them. While they do have a shared hive mind, they never display anything beyond animal levels of intelligence. What they are is cunning, laying ambushes, using hit-and-run tactics and playing dead. It's never been confirmed if they're the purpose of the Markers or just a side effect of whatever they're actually for. But really, they are zombies. Deadly mutant space zombies, but zombies nonetheless. The games make it very, very clear on that front, with constant use of classic zombie imagery.
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